Beginning Bible Studies

Beginning Bible Studies

02. Are You Searching For The Truth?

Are You Searching For The Truth?

If you have a good and honest heart then come and be with others of like mind who belong only to the Lord and are members of the church which Christ established – saints who seek to worship God in spirit and in truth . . . who serve him only as he directs in Scripture. It is our only purpose to please God in all things and to stand for the Truth in the spirit of love.

If you would be interested in learning more about the Word of God and the church for which Christ died, then you are warmly invited to come and worship with us as we serve God according to the simple pattern of New Testament teaching. Come and study with us from God’s precious Word – free from the doctrines and traditions of men – all in the friendly surroundings of Bible believers who seek to put God first in all things.

If you would like a personal, private Bible study we would be happy to arrange one with you at your convenience. If you would like to correspond and study by email, let us know. Please understand, our purpose is not to use any high-pressure tactics or to force anything on you; but rather, we seek to share the Gospel of Christ with all who are willing to study the Word of God together in a spirit of genuine concern for spiritual matters. If you have any questions or if you would like help in your spiritual life, please feel free to visit, write, or call us. You can email us here.