Advanced Bible Studies

Advanced Bible Studies

22a. The Roman Catholic Doctrine of Mary

The Roman Catholic Doctrine of Mary

The development of the doctrine of Mary in Roman Catholicism is one of the most obvious examples of the corruption of the Apostasy. Just consider the following:

  • A.D. 430 Council at Ephesus - Mary is exalted and given special adoration.
  • A.D. 1546-1563 Council of Trent - Mary's sinlessness and perpetual virginity is declared.
  • A.D. 1854 Ineffabilis Deus (A Papal Bull) - Pope Pius IX declared the doctrine of the immaculate conception of Mary. This declaration was endorsed by Vatican I in 1870.
  • A.D. 1950 Munificentissmus Deus - Pope Pius XII defined the doctrine of the heavenly assumption of Mary.
  • A.D. 1959-1965 Vatican II - Mary is defined as playing a part in our salvation.
  • A.D. 1988 Pope John Paul II in Redeemptoris Mater (Redeemer Mother) - The doctrine of Mary being the "Mother of God" is fully developed.

The current Roman Catholic doctrines of Mary are the development of centuries of church tradition and pagan influence. They are not the teaching of God! In fact none of the above doctrines are found anywhere in the the Word of God.

For instance, Mary was not a perpetual virgin – she had other children. See Matthew 1:25 and Matthew 12:46-50; Mark 3:31-35; Luke 8:19-21 with Matthew 13:55,56.

Paul said, "there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself as a ransom for all, the testimony borne at the proper time." (I Timothy 2:3-6) John said, "if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous." (I John 2:1) Roman Catholicism places Mary in the position that only belongs to Christ. The New Testament never calls Mary the Mother of God, Mediatrix, or Redeemtrix. And the New Testament never allows us to pray to Mary (or to any other saint) for help or for salvation.

If you think about it, one of the hallmarks of pagan religion throughout history is the "mother goddess" idea. In Roman Catholicism Mary has practically become a "mother goddess" and the Cult of Mary is but a continuation of a very pagan and idolatrous religion. Please realize that while the New Testament does give Mary a special place, it does not turn her into a mother goddess to be worshiped!