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3535 West Georgia Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85019
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9:00 AM Morning Worship
5:00 PM Evening Worship & Bible Study


7:30 PM Bible Study

Comprehensive Bible Study


  1. Are You Religious?
  2. Are You Searching for the Truth?
  3. Just What Do YOU Believe?
  4. Is Something Missing from Your Life?
  5. Prove All Things!
  6. The Story of God
  7. What Must One Do To Be Saved?
  8. What Now?


  1. What About "The Bible"?
  2. It Is All About Authority
    1. The Basics Of Authority
  3. What Is "Faith"?
  4. What About Baptism?
    1. What About The Thief On The Cross?
    2. The Conversion Of The Jews And The Gentiles
  5. Is There Only 'One Way'?


  1. What About "Church"?
    1. The Church Belonging To Christ
  2. What About Calvinism?
  3. What About "Faith Only"?
  4. What About the "Sinners Prayer"?
  5. What About "Once Saved, Always Saved"?
  6. What About Grace, Works and Law?
  7. What About Miracles?
  8. What About Music in the Church?
  9. What About Denominationalism?
    1. The Roman Catholic Doctrine Of Mary
  10. What About "The Law of Moses"?
    1. The Sabbath
    2. The Ten Commandments
  11. What About "Premillennialism"?
  12. What About Contemporary Social Issues?
  13. What Is The International Church of Christ?